Jul 122012

Sparked by new nature trails and undiscovered woods, a local charity’s creative outdoor opportunities have been extended. With thanks to Claire McBain.

Although the official deadline for entries for the North East Open Studios 2012 gallery at VSA’s Easter Anguston Farm passed,  the farm has announced a new deadline of Friday July 27.  They also announced a boost to the space available in order to encourage local creatives to showcase their work and support the UK’s largest city social care charity.

Jane Bell, farm support worker and NEOS exhibitor, said:

“We’re thrilled to already have such an excellent response.  We’re lucky to have loyal Easter Anguston artists register for another year and we’ve attracted some very promising new faces too.  Although our gallery already boasts more entries than last year, we know there’s more local talent out there. 

“So we’ve opened up new parts of the farm, like Linn Moor wood, to create more exhibition space than we’ve had any other year.  Our new nature trail, created by Aberdeen Greenspace volunteers and Easter Anguston trainees, will be a brilliant exhibition space too. 

“We’ve also stretched the deadline by a few weeks, hoping to give those who have been weighed down with other responsibilities a chance to explore this opportunity.  For those who have been busy with end-of-term exhibitions, our gallery is a perfect outlet to extend their audience.”

“Most of the indoor space has been filled so our target artists are sculptors, ceramicists, 3D designers, land artists and others with durable outdoor exhibits.  We do have sheltered areas too, so delicate creations are very welcome.  We’re keen to work with artists to find something that suits their style and the environment they’ll be exhibiting in.  I can’t wait to explore more ideas.”

Local artist Alex Kay, who has been heavily involved with NEOS at Easter Anguston Farm over the past four years, said:

“Easter Anguston sets itself apart from other galleries by creating a unique link with art and the community.  Local creatives can showcase their work while raising awareness of the UK’s largest social care charity.  That’s what drives me to be there every year.” 

To find out more or get an application form for exhibiting at NEOS at Easter Anguston Farm, contact Claire McBain on 01224 358611 or email Claire.mcbain@vsa.org.uk