Oct 232013

night of the laughing dead featWildly Unprepared, AUSA Improvised Theatre Society & AUSA Comedy Society proudly present the most scarily hilarious show you will see in Aberdeen this year.

It doesn’t end there, we’ve also managed to book a magician whose combination
of magic and comedy has kept crowds enthralled throughout Aberdeen, Mr Eoin Smith.

After the show we’ve set up a bunch of Halloween party games.

But where will this all happen? I hear you scream- well we’ve managed to secure the most appropriate venue in the city: Slains Castle!

The event will feature improvisation, stand up comedy, sketches, games, cheap drinks and much more.

Entry- £4; or £3 if you come dressed as a zombie The best dressed zombie will win a fantastic prize.

Wildly Unprepared shall also be announcing our newest project. Come along and find out what it is.

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