Sep 182015

DavidCampbellWith thanks to Dave Macdermid.

Westburn Tennis Centre has appointed a new Head Coach whose remit is to steer the direction of the venue’s coaching programmes and work with Sport Aberdeen to increase the breadth of programmes on offer.

Glaswegian David Campbell joins the centre from Thorn Park, where he worked with several junior national players and before that he was head coach at Drumchapel Tennis Club.

The 24 year old is looking forward to his latest challenge.

“Westburn has huge potential that I’ll be looking to capitalise on and I’m very confident indeed that in the team there and their ability to grow and develop tennis there.”

Sport Aberdeen Tennis Development Officer Matt Kerswell added:

“We’re delighted to have David on board. He’ll take a lead on the development of the coaching team through on-court mentoring and regular support and will manage the centre’s members, including the entering of teams in the local leagues for the first time.

“David will also assist with the marketing and business support relating to the Westburn programme and his appointment will result in a significant enhancement of what the centre will have the ability to deliver going forward.”

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