Jan 022014

By Bob Smith.
Planet Earth

Wull wi ivver hae peace on earth
Difference o opeenion causes fechts
Can wi see common sinse prevail
An sort oot wrangs fae richts
Nae muckle chunce a sadly feel
Greed an religion pull the strings
The puir struggle tae survive
Heicher prices hiv their fling
The warld an his mither are oot there
Buyin up aa they bliddy can
Cos they hiv the cloot tae buy
Goods fae China or Japan
Wull wi survive the yammer
Fer mair an mair tae hae
Or hive wi the collective will
Tae lave some fer anither day
The economy maan hae priority
Governmints an bunkers aye state
Tryin tae bowster warld economies
His  fair hertin’t the greedy trait
Wi hiv the lan wi hiv the sea
Tae produce aneuch fer us aa
Bit big business ca’s the tune
Buy mair an mair they jaw
A’ve nae problem wi religion
If yer aye free tae choose
Tae abide bi its doctrines
Or its ideologies tae refuse
Spirituality is far mair pleasin
Yer inner sel’ shud hae nae doot
Free yer spirit tae embrace
Fit the planet is aa aboot
Fin warld’s resources are near deen
An the planet his nae mair tae gie
Fowk wull roam throweoot the lan
Fechtin ower food an the richt tae be
©Bob Smith “The Poetry Mannie” 2013
Image: Planet Earth ©Foto_jem Dreamstime 
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