Jun 282013

By Bob Smith.

Noo Betty likit the picters
She geed there ivvery wikk
Ti musicals like The King and I
Or great epics like Moby Dick
Jist ony film it wid dee
War films wi yon Alan Ladd
She swooned aboot romantic eens
Aiven some aat made her sad
She hid her favourite film stars
Like Cary Grant or Clark Gable
She drimt she micht be a duncer
Swak as Cyd Charisse or Betty Grable
Swashbucklin movies wi lots o fechtin
Wi Burt Lancaster or Errol Flynn
Or films aat featured animals
Sic as Lassie or Rin Tin Tin
She wisna aat fond o gangster eens
Starrin Cagney, Bogart or Herbert Lom
Yet the titles o aa iss kin o picter
She reeled aff wi some aplomb
She laached at cartoons by Walt Disney
Mickey Moose or yon Donald Duck
Enjoyed films aat wir a bit historical
Aboot Robin Hood an Friar Tuck
Horror eens made her affa feart
O Boris Karloff an Vincent Price
Picters like The Mummy’s Hand
She thocht nae verra nice
Cowboys and Indians she lappit up
Wi Gary Cooper an Big John Wayne
She even likit western musicals
Far Doris Day wis Calamity Jane
Best o aa she adored the classics
Oliver Twist an o coorse Jane Eyre
An eens in a wee bit lichter mood
Like Pickwick Papers an Vanity Fair
Noo Betty she’s fair growein aul
Some picter hooses they’re nae mair
Bit Betty myns fine o the nichts
Fin gyaan ti the picters wis jist rare

©Bob Smith “The Poetry Mannie”2012

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