Mar 072013

By Bob Smith.

Div ye lang fer peace an quiet
In iss modern warld o oors
Fin noise is aa aroon us
The silence it fair soors
Ye gyang intae a shoppie
Winrin jist fit tae buy
Yer lugs are seen bombardit
Bi Rihanna or yon McFly
Ye meet a freen fer a chat
In some funcy coffee hoose
Ye fin yersel suroondit
Bi mobile users on the loose
Waak doon the main street
In ony o oor gweed toons
Music blarin oot the windaes
O cars driven bi bliddy goons
Pubs turn up the music din
So fowk canna hae a newse
The purpose is a think
Tae mak fowk buy mair booze
Peace an quiet ye can fin
If in the hills ye waak
Ye marvel at the silence
An nae hae yakkity yak
A wis brocht up on a fairm
Twa mile fae the main road
Peace and quiet wis aa aroon
As aboot the parks a strode
So maybe a wis lucky
Tae ken fit quairtness wis
Unlike fowk in toon cinters
Faa can only fume an fizz

©Bob Smith “The Poetry Mannie” 2013

Image – River in the Evening.
©Angela Davis | Dreamstime Stock Photos