Aug 032012

By Bob Smith.

The mannie Trump a Dons fan?
Gweed sakes an michty me
If he turns up at a match
Wull the bugger git in free

Trump No 1 wis on the shirt
T’wis presintit by Dod Yule
A suppose noo we’ll likely see
Trumpie’s lackies haen a drool

Foo muckle mair hiv we tae thole
O iss fawnin an forelock tuggin
Bi some Aiberdeen business chiels
Noo a fin iss maist affa buggin

The new fitba pitch at Loirston
Micht be Trump International Stadium
The mannie wid be mair at hame
As a comic at the London Palladium

“Cum on ye Trumps” cwid be the cry
If the billie buys ower oor  club
Iss thocht wid gie ma nichtmares
Ma season ticket a wid hae tae scrub

Fit a lot o bliddy nonsense
A hear  the AV readers cryin
Jist myn far ye read it first
If Trumpie  he cums a-buyin

©Bob Smith “ The Poetry Mannie” 2012