Dec 062013

By Bob Smith.
Candles lopro - Credit Ian Britton - freefoto

Black Friday noo it wis nae fun
A puir wifie trumpled on the grun
Fowk ower TV sets war scrappin
Cos in shops the price wis drappin
Black an blue they jostl’t an bumped
Some fowk feart they micht git thumped
Aa ower prices bein slashed richt doon
Mayhem an madness wis aa aroon
Black Friday hordes formed a scrum
As common sinse wint up the lum
“Tak yer thievin hans aff aat TV set
Or a bunch o fives ye’ll bliddy get”
The Black Friday idea it did start
Ower in America wi yon Walmart
Halloween sees pumpkins instead o neeps
Anither American custom ower here creeps
Civilisation a mannie eence said
Wis barbarism wi a veneer owerspread
Unnerneath micht be the savage beast
Unleashed tae gorge on Mammon’s feast
We’ve noo cam tae “The Retail Season”
Far fowk it seems can lose aa reason
Spennin siller they simply hinna got
An ither eens fair lose the plot
The festive season a like itsel
Bit nae the bliddy shoppin hell
On Christmas Day a’ll raise a cheer
“Retail Season’s” ower fer anither eer
A “Black Friday” cam tae Glaisga toon
Fin a helicopter cam richt doon
Throwe a pub roof near the Clyde
Fin fowk war haen a drink inside
So spare a thocht fer Glaisga noo
An fer the helicopter crew
Fer TV sets they’ll hae nae need
As “Black Friday” saw the puir souls deid
Agin ess sad an tragic tale
Materialism an sic like maan pale
Next time yer spennin yer bawbees
Myn life it disna growe on trees

© Bob Smith “The Poetry Mannie” 2013
Image credit: Ian Britton –

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