Feb 282013

By Bob Smith.

The Wireless ah the memories
O listenin fin I wis a loon
On dark winters nichts roon the fire
Oor Ecko radio it  sure wis a boon
There wis Dick Barton Special Agent
Fa took on aa the baddies
It fair sharpened the imagination
O fowk like us as laddies
Paul Temple an ace dectective
As weel as yon PC49
Solvin aa the nations crimes
Their adventures I likit fine
Fin I wis a bittie younger
Tammy Troot wis aa the rage
His escapades in the river
Held yer attention for an age
Setterday nicht jist efter tea
Ye sat an listen’t ti the story
O a Glesga faimily’s daily lives
The McFlannels wis nivver gory
Scottish Dance Music we aye likit
Wi Jimmy Shand an Adam Rennie
Their bands hid ye tappin yer feet
Jimmy an Adam were twa o’ many
Sports Report on the Licht Programme
Gied ye aa the fitba scores
Ye hid reports on the horse racin
As weel as Oxford an Cambridge rowers
Jet Morgan an his grand adventures
In the programme “Journey Into Space”
Hid ye jumpin up an doon
Wid he vanish withoot a trace
Comedy shows like Take It From Here
Wid hae ye laachin loud an lang
The Goons hid ye in stitches ti
Wi their funny “Ying Tong” sang
Their wis ither delights on the radio
Faar ower mony ti write doon
This his bin jist a flavour
O the wireless fin I wis a loon

©Bob Smith “The Poetry Mannie” 2010

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