Dec 032010

By Bob Smith.

Here comes the affa bleedin snaw
Dingin doon – its flakes div fa
Aa aroon ye hear sic cas
Its cauld aneuch tae freeze yer bas

Its time tae weer yer winter woollies
If ye dinna wint tae lose yer goolies
An if its aneuch tae mak ye sweir
Mak sure the minister Disna hear

Ice maks ye skite aa ower the place
Ye nearly fa doon on yer face
Car drivers wi  brains a bittie saft
Flee aroon at speeds gey daft

Kids – snawbas they like tae chuck
An mony a bodie his tae duck
Jist myn ye were eence young yersel
So fling some back then rin like hell.