Jul 162010

By Maria Dominguez.

Ferryhill Landshare Scheme.

Do you live in Aberdeen? Do you own a garden? Would you like to grow your own food but do not have access to a garden? Here is the perfect solution for you: The Ferryhill Landshare Scheme. The aim of the scheme is to promote “local organic food production by bringing people together.” (1) Continue reading »

Jul 162010

By Corrie Cheyne.

With constant reports of climate change or predicted shortages of oil, energy, water and food, it’s no surprise that people are uneasy about our future. A growing number of people around the world believe that we should equip ourselves to adapt to these changes and manage the transition to a more sustainable future – an aim shared by the Transition Towns initiative.

Corrie Cheyne, the Transition Project Officer, is developing a programme of allotment regeneration, garden-share and training workshops to develop some of the skills needed for a community-led transition initiative. Continue reading »