Jun 242011

 By Bob Smith.

A fence it his bin biggit
Aroon David Milne’s wee hoose
Trump the bully boy is back
Tryin hard ti tichen the noose

Haaf the cost o iss fencie
He wints pyed bi David Milne
Faa says “awa ye go min”
Yer bank balance we’ll nae fill

A garage wa he wints teen doon
It’s on ma lan Trump says
Bit David he his nae doots
The bliddy wa it stays

Noo Trumpie he disna like it
Fin fowk dinna dee his biddin
Michael Forbes stuck twa fingers up
An winna tidy his so ca’ed “midden”

At PR wark Trump’s nae eese
He kittles a fair fyow locals
Aye treatin fowk wi disdain
As tho’ they’re kintra yokels

O coorse Trump’s o aat breed
Faa see themsels as go getters
It’s time ti tell him ti —- aff
The missin wird his fower letters

© Bob Smith “The Poetry Mannie” 2011

Note:  Voice’s ‘poetry mannie’ Bob Smith reviews ‘You’ve Been Trumped’ in Scottish Review – click here( See ‘The cafe 2’ column. )


Jun 032011

With thanks to Tripping Up Trump.

In March 2009 the Trump Organisation asked Aberdeenshire Council to use Compulsory Purchase Orders to remove local residents from their homes.

Earlier this year, after almost two years of this threat, the Trump Organisation announced that they would no longer seek the use of these powers, while continuing to deny that they had made the original request.

To celebrate the withdrawal of the Compulsory Purchase threat to the homeowners at Menie, Tripping Up Trump have decided to hold a second March of Menie on Sunday the 5th of June 2011.

Similar to the first, very successful, March that took place in October of 2010, it will involve people gathering at the Balmedie Country Park Visitor Centre at 12 noon and walking through the dunes to The Bunker (a site of multiple ownership) where there will be a number of attractions provided for people of all ages.

Information will be available to educate those who are not impressed with the propaganda and misinformation put out by the Trump Organisation.

For those of you unfamiliar with the forthcoming movie You’ve Been Trumped, Here is the trailer once again.

The first screening of You’ve Been Trumped will take place at the Belmont Cinema in Aberdeen at 8.30pm on Friday 17 June.
More Info … https://www.facebook.com/pages/Youve-Been-Trumped/187472834621346

Tripping Up Trump is a campaigning organisation based in the North-East of Scotland, formed to fight the environmental destruction being carried out by the Trump Organisation and support the Menie residents whose homes and land have been threatened with Compulsory Purchase and continue to be intimidated and bullied by the Trump Organisation.

Writer and researcher, Andy Wightman, has recently compiled a report on Trump’s Ego Trip at Menie. Andy will be one of the speakers .

Some fascinating insights to be shared for sure.

Sep 152010

With thanks to the Aberdeen Branch of SPSC.

On Saturday 18th September, the Aberdeen branch of Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign (SPSC) are going to walk a 40km route along the Aberdeenshire coast – a distance equivalent to the length of the coastline of the Gaza Strip.

This walk is to draw attention to the fact that 1.5 million Palestinians live in a strip of land so small that it can easily be walked in about 10 hours, that they are virtual prisoners, denied the right to trade by land or sea, to have access to employment or education, or even to receive basic humanitarian aid.

Starting at Portlethen at 7:45am those taking part will follow the Aberdeenshire Coastal Path as far as Newburgh. The route will pass through Cove, round Aberdeen Harbour and through a section of the city centre, up the beach to the Bridge of Don, then onwards to Balmedie, finally arriving at Newburgh – no doubt with a few blisters!

As well as raising awareness of the injustice of Gaza, the SPSC are raising funds through sponsorship for PalestineConnect (www.palestineconnect.org), a small grassroots charity that operates computer-aided learning centres in three of the refugee camps in the Gaza Strip.

Anyone who wishes to join us on the walk is very welcome, as are all donations. And if anyone sees us en route, give us a wave!
For further details contact aberdeen@scottishpsc.org.uk
To make a donation, visit the “Donate” page at http://www.scottishpsc.org.uk/ and select PalestineConnect from the campaign options.

Jul 162010

By Sue Edwards.

A one day site-specific art event was held on Sunday 4th July, 2010, at Mill of Menie near Balmedie – the home of Michael and Sheila Forbes.

The exhibition took place in the granite steading of the Forbes’s farm, watched over by a magnificent Highland pony stallion and a white goose nested on top of a hay bale.  Despite stormy weather and rain before the event, visitor numbers to the exhibition were impressive from noon until sunset. Continue reading »