Sep 242019

David Milne issued a video last night explaining what is wrong with Trump’s plans for Menie,  He talked to Suzanne Kelly about the video and the vote.

Campaigner, Menie Resident, and published author, David Milne released a video last night explaining all the reasons Aberdeenshire Council should not vote to approve further development of the Menie Estate.

The plans go before Aberdeenshire council this week.

From his former coastguard cottage home, David Milne gets a daily view of the Trump International Golf Links Scotland parking lot.

Most of the time – it is sparsely used. People are not coming here in droves to golf and stimulate the economy, whatever promises were made for the elitist course, where a round can set you back £200.

Many residents, ecologists and environmentalists are still reeling from recent revelations that the SSSIs at Menie – a moving sand dune system unique to Great Britain – was destroyed despite Trump’s promises it was fine.

An environmental clerk of works and a group, MEMAG, were meant to ensure the SSSIs were protected – despite assurances from Aberdeenshire Council Planning and MEMAG (disbanded by Trump unilaterally) the dunes and their ecosystems were fine, they are now permanently damaged.

Even recently George Sorial, an officer of the Trump company, claimed the dunes were ‘95% untouched.’ This serious breach alone should stop the council proceeding: the deveoper simply cannot be trusted.

Mr Milne described a number of flaws in the plan:- lack of suitable infrastructure, inability of the current roads to handle 550 new homeowners and their cars, and the fact that the first Trump golf course failed to bring anything near the projected financial benefits were among those flaws.

Watch the video here:

Donald Trump Jr previously said that Russian money was involved in many Trump projects. The council’s Planning department deny that they have any responsibility to be concerned about potential money laundering.

When confronted some years back with irrefutable proof Mr Trump is associated with organised crime figures, Planning accused Aberdeen Voice of ‘slandering’ the developer (it is not slander or libel if it is true).

On Thursday 26 September the council will vote on whether or not to let Trump build 550 more homes. Menie would never be the same again.

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  6 Responses to “Menie Resident Issues Powerful Video Before Council Trump Vote”

  1. Please council, vote no. In line to what David mentioned, the long-term maintenance on the roads, sewers, drainage, and surrounding infrastructure is a reason alone to not approve this plan. It would be irresponsible for you to vote yes on something of this size, as it does not support the living conditions of the adjacent surroundings. In addition, the Aberdeenshire council should be looking at projects in a controlled and directed manner so as to be compatible with preserving the rural-residential character of the town. It is your role to recognize the importance of quality natural resources, environmental resources, especially water resources and the continued health of the community. Listen to your community on their desire for positive growth and changes that actually supply growth and enrichment.

  2. Trump can bull dose his way into anything with his lies that can seem so believable. Please no more houses. I live in the USA and see first hand what Trump can do to destroy the land.

  3. As previously discovered, Mr. Trump is the King of Empty Promises. Please Aberdeenshire Councillors don’t sell your souls to the devil.
    Joyce Douglas

  4. With President Donald J. Trump (and now Prime Minister Alexander de Pfeffel Johnson) we are witnessing how the world really operates, via the money power establishment. Their purpose is to maintain and increase the power of their dynasties, at the expense of the people whilst using the psychological techniques well proven in advertising to get the very people who will pay to vote for them.
    This is extremely cynical and cannot end well.
    The concept used to push through just about any enterprise is “growth.” This is a fallacious and dangerous concept which sounds good but is an ill because they mean exponential growth. The reasons for this are based in the private debt-based money creation system imposed on us which demands more stuff is produced and thrown away every year to make the debt; e.g. National Debt, seem smaller as a proportion of GDP when in fact the debt is increasing because that is how our money is now created.
    To get to grips with this basic problem read The Bank of England Quarterly Bulletin Q1 2014 website Topical Article “Money Creation in the Modern World: an Introduction.”
    Exponential growth (of anything) is impossible in a finite system such as a planet.
    The only things that can successfully grow exponentially are cancers and infections.

  5. The area can not sustain this development. It is also a back door to a further bid to put more houses near Balmedie. Notwithstanding all that, I would urge the council not to put itself further into Donald Trump’s pocket; the more you give him the more he will take.

  6. Lovely to see Mr Milne giving his thoughts, just a shame that the powers that be appear to have taken no notice whatsoever. I had the pleasure of meeting him at an industry event my then employer had organised just after Anthony Baxter’s documentary was shown, & I made a point of talking to him.

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