Feb 202017

With thanks to Future Choices.

Volunteers needed for Local Voluntary Charity Future Choices, which supports Physically Disabled Adults by providing social inclusion and recreational activities at Inchgarth Community Centre in Garthdee on a Tuesday morning from 11am – 2pm.

Future Choices has now been running for 9 years now, funded by public donations, which maintains two buses on the road and keeps members socially active, by providing social events for everyone to enjoy.

Vice Chairman, Devon Thompson said:

“The challenges running a Voluntary Led Charity gets harder when Individuals have to leave due to their life commitments which means we as a charity, have to fill in the gap promptly, which currently is proving challenging”

Devon added:

“We not only desperately need Volunteers but Volunteer Drivers too, because without the Drivers, the buses can’t move which means the charity comes to a grinding halt, which, if this happened would devastate members & leave them socially isolated.”

Can you help Future Choices in their appeal for support? if so please contact them through their website www.future-choices.org.uk or email info@future-choices.org.uk

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  1. Wishing you every success with your appeal . You do a wonderful job and deserve all the support you can get . Your members get so much out of being able to be part of your group .

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