May 132016

SCOAP logo 2With thanks to Suzanne Kelly.

A Scottish charitable organisation launches today which will help buy CBD/ medicinal cannabis oil for people with health conditions.

Individuals who want to use CBD oil but who cannot afford to do so without financial assistance can apply for assistance; donations are also sought.

Believed to be the UK’s first charity helping people in this way, Scottish Cannabis Oil Assistance Programme (S.C.O.A.P.) is now a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation (SCIO).

One of the directors, Suzanne Kelly said:

“We see this recognition not only as a huge step forward for our fundraising, but as an acknowledgement that medicinal cannabis oil has a part to play in alleviating the symptoms of illnesses such as Fibromyalgia. It was an acquaintance with this particular debilitating condition that sparked the idea for this charity. They greatly benefit from using oil – but the monthly cost is over their budget. 

Medicinal cannabis oil was only recently legalised in the UK, and it is an expensive proposition. The other directors and I hope to start raising funds to help people who might benefit from cannabis oil/CBD. Full details of how to donate or how to apply for assistance can be found on S.C.O.A.P’s website.”

Evidence is mounting in the US and the UK that cannabis oil can help a variety of health problems; more research is still needed. CBD oil currently available here does not contain THC, the ingredient associated with a cannabis ‘high’.

Kelly comments:

“We expect people to come to S.C.O.A.P. after doing their own research and speaking to their medical practitioners. We are not doctors and are not promising any results or cures. However, the anecdotal feedback and growing body of clinical evidence has convinced the directors that helping to get oil to people who want but cannot afford it is a worthwhile endeavour.”

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  6 Responses to “First Scottish Cannabis Charitable Organisation Launches”

  1. Is your oil whole plant extract, from cannabis, and not hemp? Do you also have THC-acid, which is being used to treat seizures? THC-a is also not psychoactive, and has been very helpful in treating intractable seizures. What strains are being used to produce the CBD oil? Thank you for your assistance.

  2. Addendum: By what method is the oil extracted? (BHO, CO2, alcohol, naptha, etc). Thanks

    • Suzanne Kelly says: UKCBD will be our preferred supplier; they have a wide range of products made different ways; please see their website (link in the article). I personally think THC oil should be legalised asap. Thank you for your interest

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