Dec 312015

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The St Andrew’s Children’s Society has been operating in Aberdeen since 2013.

A charity which plays a key role in maximising adoption opportunities for children  in the North-east of Scotland has received support of £4,000 from Aberdeen Asset Management’s Charitable Foundation.
With more children in need of adoption than there are homes for them, The St Andrew’s Children’s Society plays a pivotal part in finding caring homes for children across Scotland.

Many of the  1,000 plus children in local authority care in Aberdeen and the North-east would benefit from adoption or long term fostering, and the Charitable Foundation donation will support the charity’s work to actively find potential adopters in the region.

Dan Docwra, fundraiser, for the St Andrew’s Children’s Society said:

“Our project builds upon excellent foundation work of our first two years in Aberdeen seeking potential adopters in the North-east whom we can prepare for the role of adoptive parents. This funding from Aberdeen Asset Management helps us do just that.

“We know that there are families and individuals who, with our training and preparation, would be ideal adoptive parents. Adopters come from all walks of life, regardless of their ethnicity, religion, marital status or sexual orientation. We would love to find more adopters in Aberdeen and if we can get the right people we  can find a child or children for them.”

The charity which has been operating in Aberdeen since 2013 has moved into improved offices that are better suited for the holding of preparation training and the delivery of full after-adoption support, including its SafeBase Parenting Programme for parents experiencing relationship difficulties with children they have adopted. Its recruitment, training and placement programme is ongoing, only restricted by limited sources.

Dominic Kite of Aberdeen Asset Management’s Charitable Foundation said:

“As a fully functioning branch of the St Andrew’s Children’s Society, a vital service has been established in the North-east, helping to reduce the number of children in local authority care by providing loving and caring families.”

The Aberdeen Asset Charitable Foundation was established in 2012 to formalise and develop the Group’s charitable giving globally. The Foundation seeks partnerships with smaller charities around the world, where funds can be seen to have a meaningful and measurable impact and the firm encourages its employees to use their time and skills to support its charitable projects.

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Anyone interested in more information about adoption opportunities should contact the St Andrew’s Children’s Society on 01224 878158 or email