Aug 212015

With thanks to Aberdeenshire SNP

Gillian Martin (1)Gillian Martin (SNP Holyrood candidate for Aberdeenshire East) and Alex Salmond MP (Gordon) MSP (Aberdeenshire East) have welcomed the announcement of the second phase of the £100 million Attainment Scotland Fund. The Fund, which was launched earlier this year, supports schools, parents and pupils, which will improve attainment levels for all children.

This follows the First Minister Nicola Sturgeon’s keynote speech delivered at Wester Hailes Education Centre today (Tuesday 18th August).

During her speech, the First Minister set out the Scottish Government’s fresh approach to ensure every one of Scotland’s children has an equal chance to succeed in their school education.

Commenting, Gillian Martin said:

“I welcome the First Minister’s commitment to education. Here in Aberdeenshire, we have seen the results of the Scottish Government’s investment in new schools.

“I was recently visited the new Ellon Academy, which is a fantastic modern educational facility and a shining example of how education should work.

“The project was funded by the Scottish Government and Aberdeenshire Council and designed in partnership with the school. At every turn the school’s management, staff and pupils were involved in this design.

“The result is a fit for purpose, future-proof education facility and makes Ellon Academy a flagship school for our area.

“As a former Ellon Academy pupil, I am proud to see my old school leading the way in progressive education provision in the area. With inclusiveness and aspiration at its heart, the new Ellon Academy will make the transition from secondary to further education seamless.”

Alex Salmond MP (Gordon) MSP (Aberdeenshire East) said:

“It am very pleased to hear that the First Minister and the Scottish Government are staying committed to investment in education.

“The new Ellon Academy is just one of more than 500 new schools that have been rebuilt or refurbished since the SNP entered government in 2007.  It is a perfect example of what we can achieve when we focus on education.”

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