Jan 302015

Informed by Shelagh Swanson’s studies at Bullseye Glass Company, Portland, Oregon at the end of last year, Oil and Glass introduce a new series of workshops and sessions.

Sgraffito Stencilling Workshop


There will also be a 6 Week Evening Class, during which all of the techniques taught in our individual workshops will be covered, with additional technical information also given to provide a deeper insight into the processes involved.

Block one will take place from 6.30pm – 9pm on Tuesday evenings starting on February 17th.
Block two will take place on Thursday evenings from 6.30pm – 9pm starting on the 2nd April.

Visit the website for class descriptions and also to book!

Suncatcher Making

Suncatcher Making

Saturday 31st January 
11am – Relief/Texture Plate Making
2.30pm – Suncatcher Making

Sunday 1st February
2pm – Introduction to Fused Glass

Thursday 5th February 
11am – Suncatcher Making

Thursday 19th February
11am – Sgraffito/Stencilling
6.30pm – Relief/Texture Plate Making

Saturday 21st February
11am – Sgraffito/Stencilling
2.30pm – Suncatcher Making

Thursday 26th February
6.30pm – Powder Printing

Saturday 28th February
11am – Introduction to Fused Glass

Sunday 1st March
2pm – Relief/Texture Plate Making

Wednesday 4th March
6.30pm Sgraffito/Stencilling

Powder Printing thm

Powder Printing

Saturday 7th March
11am Suncatcher Making
2.30pm Introduction to Fused Glass

Sunday 8th March
2pm Sgraffito/Stencilling

Thursday 12th March
6.30pm – Suncatcher Making

Saturday 14th March
11am – Relief/Texture Plate Making
2.30pm – Powder Printing

Sunday 15th March
2pm – Introduction to Fused Glass

Saturday 21st March
11am – Sgraffito/Stencilling
2.30pm – Suncatcher Making

Sunday 22nd March
2pm – Powder Printing

Relief Texture Plate Making

Relief/Texture Plate Making

Thursday 26th March
6.30pm – Introduction to Fused Glass

Saturday 28th March
11am – Introduction to Fused Glass
2.30pm – Suncatcher Making

Sunday 29th March
2pm – Suncatcher Making

Sunday 31st March
6.30pm – Sgraffito/Stencilling