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RinkRomance1 With thanks to Phil Moar, Citrus Mix.

An Aberdeen couple brought extra sparkle to a city ice rink with a unique marriage proposal.

Kyle Wilson produced a dazzling diamond as he popped the question to his surprised girlfriend Grace Brodie at the rink in Union Terrace Gardens.

Dressed in disguise as Spiderman, Kyle skated towards his very own Mary Jane, and only revealed his true identity when he went down on one knee.

Using cards to share memories of their time together, the proposal marked the culmination of two months of planning after the 23-year-old store manager decided the city centre attraction would be the perfect location.

The newly engaged couple met each other on a blind date set up by Grace’s mother, who knew Kyle through a work connection, in August last year.

Kyle said:

“I knew Grace’s mother through work and we got to know each other quite well. She thought I would be well suited to her daughter so that is how our meeting came about. Everything just went from there, and we went on holiday to Blackpool a few months later, which has great memories for us. We got to know each other quite quickly and it has all been natural.

“I knew when I first met her that she was the one I wanted to be with and the more I got to know her the more I realised that I wanted to be with her for the rest of my life. When I heard the ice rink was coming back I knew that would be the perfect place to ask her, and everything went from there.”

After receiving permission from Grace’s family to propose, Kyle arranged for the couple to take to the ice-rink, which forms part of a programme of Christmas events devised by business organisation Aberdeen Inspired, on Wednesday afternoon.

“I planned it all and even borrowed a ring from her jewellery box to make sure I bought the right size for her. I think it will have come as a surprise to her. She knew that she was going to the ice rink, but just thought that it would be a normal day. My knees were trembling when I asked her. I am just so pleased it all went well.” he added.

Grace, a 23-year-old mental health nurse, said:

“I was absolutely shocked because I never expected anything like that. I didn’t suspect anything at all. I had seen Spiderman on the ice already skating with people, but I assumed he was there to entertain everyone .I arrived at the rink wondering where Kyle was but the organiser told me he was away to the toilet and told me to go onto the ice.

“I went onto the rink and said to the organiser that I had wanted Kyle to hold my hand to help me, and he said that Spiderman would look after me. Even then I didn’t click. I only knew something was going on when he started skating towards me and then I thought it was something Kyle would do.

“The messages he showed were special as it was the story of our time together. It has all been so surreal and the reaction from everyone at the rink was amazing. They all clapped and cheered us, it was absolutely lovely.”

Gary Craig, chief executive of Aberdeen Inspired, said:

“We are delighted that we were able to play a part in this romantic gesture. It is a great feel good story at this special time of the year and we wish Kyle and Grace all the best for their future together.”

The rink is open from noon to 8pm each day between now and January 4. Admission costs £3 per person, including skate hire, with the entire entry fee being donated by Aberdeen Inspired to The ARCHIE Foundation, the official charity of the Royal Aberdeen Children’s Hospital.

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