Dec 132014

Common Weal Aberdeen is delighted to announce their National Tour Event. With thanks to  Beth Dynowski.

Common Weal Aberdeen 2In support of the launch of Common Weal Aberdeen & Common Weal Aberdeenshire, an event is to be held as part of the wider Common Weal National Tour.

The event presents Aberdeen’s first large scale event organized by citizens of Aberdeen with keynote speakers from around Scotland to come together to think ambitiously about social innovation and equality.

Speakers who will be in attendance include journalist and broadcaster Lesley Riddoch, politician and Aberdeen University Rector Maggie Chapman and Aberdeen Poet Makar Sheena Blackhall.

The event is focused on community engagement, empowerment and innovation in common issues which affect all citizens of Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire and beyond.

The Common Weal encourages diversity of thinking and approaches to shaping society across the social, cultural, economic and political spectrum and presents a unique opportunity across the city and shire to connect a local, national and global conversation.

Common Weal Aberdeen/shire launch (to be immediately followed by a social event open to all.)

Tuesday 16th December, 7-9pm,
The Citadel,

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  4 Responses to “Common Weal National Tour Grand Finale In Aberdeen”

  1. Looking at the list of guest speakers, this has all the makings of yet another post – referendum nationalist rally. Cue emotional flag waving and tub thumping speeches on the subject of how the dream has not died.

  2. Excellent event.
    The message?
    Get involved.
    With Common Weal.
    With your Community Council.
    In local government.
    Just get involved.

    • Gordon,

      How do you know it is an “excellent event” two months before it takes place?

      • I know because I was there. The month stated should be December and not February.
        Apology accepted.

        [ Thanks Gordon. February was the month given in the press release, but having now checked, I see that it was supposed to be December. Although the event has now passed, I have amended the month so it is at least accurate as an archive reference. – Editor ]

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