Nov 072014

By Catherine Wilkinson. Pictures by Rebecca Dunn and Caspar Lampkin.

Secret Garden Open Day

The Secret Garden Open Day.

The Student Garden Committee are seeking University of Aberdeen students interested in creating a green space in the heart of the Old Aberdeen campus.

The ‘Secret Garden’, located beside the Butchart Building, was recently acquired by the university’s Environment and Ethics Committee but has remained relatively unused since then.

Our vision is to shape this space in to an area to grow vegetables for potential use by our cafes; where wildlife can thrive and students can relax – a garden shaped by students, for students.

We are keen to find more students to join our committee, to put forward their ideas and help out as much as they are able to, to put ideas in to action.

Projects that we are getting started with are: composting, preparation of vegetable beds, making bird boxes and feeders, and completing a greenhouse made entirely from plastic bottles.

If gardening is really not your thing, we’re also looking for people to make signs, leaflets and help publicise the gardens to fellow students. The shed is also looking a little sorry for itself and is in need of a good layer of wood preserver so if any arty students would like to come up with a design to decorate the shed with, please get in touch.

As we have a very limited budget, we would also be extremely grateful for donations from anyone (not just students) of wood and offcuts for making bird boxes and raised beds, gardening and basic DIY tools, and empty, clean 2 litre plastic bottles for our greenhouse.

If you are currently a student at UoA and are interested in finding out more about our committee meetings and the gardens, or you would like to donate any materials to us, please get in touch.


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