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Yes campaigners in the North-east of Scotland have welcomed a new poll indicating that a majority of North-east voters will cast their ballots in favour of independence on September 18.


Ross Cassie

The Survation Poll for the Mail on Sunday, published on August 3 indicates that voters are increasingly moving towards Yes in the North-east with 48.6% of respondents backing independence, 39.8% for no, and 11.6% undecided.[1] The poll follows steady increases for the Yes vote country-wide, with the overall figures for Scotland indicating 40.2% Yes and 45.9% for no – putting the Yes campaign within four points of victory. Yes Banffshire and Buchan Coast organiser Ross Cassie said:

“This latest poll illustrates that momentum is very much with the Yes campaign in the North-east of Scotland. The good people of the North-east are being persuaded by a positive, ambitious and aspirational vision for our future in an independent Scotland; and are fed up of the negative scaremongering of the no campaign which offers no change at all.”

“We will not be resting on our laurels and will continue to take our positive message to the streets and doors of the North-east in the weeks ahead. A Yes vote and a better future is within our reach and that is something that will enthuse and inspire many across the country.”

[1] Survation poll for the Scottish Mail on Sunday, August 3, 2014: Comments enabled – see comments box below. Note, all comments will be moderated.

  19 Responses to “Latest Poll Shows Momentum With Yes In North East”

  1. It is heartening to see the people of North East Scotland are beginning to see the potential of independence. Scotland is a rich and diverse country who’s strengths should be utilized to support it’s population, not punish them with the austerity measures emminating from Westminster. It is obscene that we have food banks in 21st century Scotland. It is despicable that the sick and disabled are being financially punished for the incompetence of Westminster politicians and bankers while billions are to be spent on nuclear weapons we cannot use.

    The prize of independence will be a government that we can elect and depose, if necessary. That is something we can never do with Westminster.

  2. Yet more empty rhetoric, devoid of any substance or intellectual argument whatsoever. What are these visions which Mr Cassie seems unwilling to share with us? Do they include an aspiration to tell us what currency we are to use or are they simply of the Jeanne D’Arc variety.

    This reads like a German propaganda bulletin circa 1936!!!!

    • Perhaps you have not received the booklet, “Scotland’s Future. What Independence Means For You,” Bruce. My copy dropped through the letter box yesterday and makes interesting reading. It states facts, not fiction, the norm from the “Better Together” group. It is genarally accepted by most leading, independent, economists, along with the vast majority of politicians, that Scotland is perfectly capable of going it alone and being successful in so doing. The lack of confidence in our nation by those residing there is concerning in the extreme.

  3. So why don’t you share some of these “facts” with us then Ron?

    • No doubt you’ll get your own copy Bruce and be able to read and digest it at your leisure

      • There aren’t really any “facts” at all are there Ron. I will simply leave it at that and leave readers to ponder your failure to substantiate your claim.

  4. Bruce,

    Does it matter what currency we’ll use?

    As I read someone saying elsewhere, I’d barter goats if it gave us independence. Life is full of uncertainties, why vote no because you have some, do you really feel Scotland is best served being ran from London? Have they done such a good job that you don’t trust the Scottish people to match up to them?

    They love us so much they don’t want us to leave, even though they state they cost us more per head than anywhere else, do you really believe this?

    Bizarre situation when many people feel we’re better off not being ran by our own people, those toffs from Eton will see us ok.

    • Thank you Bill. I feel you have encapsulated the nationalist cause perfectly and your honesty is to be commended. One might think there would not be too many willing to revert to bartering goats for the right to claim Independence but it would appear you represent more than 30% of the electorate. Unfortunately, most of them make false claims about currency and a land of milk and honey to hide their maniacal nationalist fervour. You, on the other hand, are not in my opinion intellectually equipped to do so and, therefore, allow us a rare insight to the nationalist psyche.

      I won’t bore you and Ron with too many facts but would simply remind any readers of the potential consequences of not caring about currency. Governments do not have any money but have a responsibility to provide basic things such as health services, education, pensions and the like. Traditionally, there are two methods of raising money to pay for such things. These are taxation and borrowing. High levels of personal taxation can and often do result, for a variety of reasons, in a reduced overall tax take for governments but, nevertheless, provide a substantial part of the required finance. The rest is raised by borrowing. Governments issue bonds, or IOU’s, which are purchased by interested parties with sufficient confidence in the currency and economy of that country. Governments must repay this borrowed money at a rate of interest determined by the “markets” thereby creating a national debt. The lower the confidence, the higher the rate of interest. Confidence is usually gained by a stable currency and what the “markets” deem to be a responsible approach to spending and borrowing. Small things, such as a refusal to pay a share of national debt or a decision to barter goats would inevitably lead to a collapse in confidence and inevitable bankruptcy. For those, such as yourself, who are happy to live the live of a bankrupt Bedouin, for the cause of Independence, this is not a problem but may not be an option for others.

      • You’re hiding from the main point, do you honestly believe the Scottish people are not going to have a viable currency by the time of the split? you deep down believe a government of our own wouldn’t be capable of doing this?

        All over the World countries way worse off than us are managing just fine yet you believe we’re a special case, a Country who needs run by its neighbour.

        You carry on living your life in fear, I do wonder how you ever manage to leave your front door of a morning though, what if you get hit by a lorry crossing the road??

        For the record I’m no nationalist, have never voted SNP in all my days, in a Country of our own I’d most likely vote Conservative.

        Thanks for the speel on World money markets btw, most interesting, 🙂

  5. Bruce,

    No one is claiming it will be a land of milk and honey, I’m not even saying it will be any better, it will be a Country being ran by the people who live here though, we rarely get the government we vote for in Scotland, instead we’re ruled from London by the vote of middle England, I simply don’t see why you oppose the democratic wishes of your countrymen.

    Actually thinking back I believe you did oppose the democratic wishes of your fellow city dwellers when it came to the gardens so it isn’t anything new.

    As ever in these types of debate they’re pointless, you’ve already decided your vote, sadly it appears it’s down to fears and the what ifs, you go ahead and stick with the status quo, those fine people running our Country so well at the moment.

    BTW As you’re so well versed in money markets perhaps you’ll tell us what our national debt currently stands at? please tell us how well the people you want to stick with are doing? TIA.

  6. Mods, In the interests of fairness I don’t believe the personal attack on my self in Bruce’s reply should have been allowed to stand, debate is welcome, abuse isn’t. I’ve had many posts chopped in the past, no doubt he’s a friend of yours but please try to be impartial.

    • Dear Bill- the sentence “Unfortunately, most of them make false claims about currency and a land of milk and honey to hide their maniacal nationalist fervour. You, on the other hand, are not intellectually equipped to do so and, therefore, allow us a rare insight to the nationalist psyche.” has been changed to read “You, on the other hand, are not in my opinion intellectually equipped to do so and, therefore, allow us a rare insight to the nationalist psyche.”

      This is the only personal comment I can find in the post; if you know of more, do let us know. And again, as explained previously, Bruce is not a friend.

    • Bill,

      I have witnessed posts from you in the past which have been, in my view, gratuitously offensive and which, in my view, have directed personal insults at contributors to this site. The nature of some of your comments have been, at times, bizarre and, in my view, spectacularly ill – informed, to such an extent that members of the editorial team have even felt the need to declare that you are indeed a “real person”. It is, therefore, unbecoming to complain when someone merely points out the extremely obvious.

      In my opinion, your comments are consistently lacking any intellectual substance whatsoever and, in this instance, you fail to provide anything other than unsophisticated emotional rhetoric.

      Should you, or anyone else for that matter, be in a position to provide a positive and logical argument in favour of Independence, I would be happy to consider it with respect. Until then, I will continue to pour scorn on this entire campaign of quasi – patriotic nonsense.

      • In your vitriol you forgot to answer all my perfectly valid points further up. You really do not have any time for your fellow Countrymen do you? People wanting the Country they live in to be governed by the people who live here is patriotic nonsense…aye ok mate. 🙂

  7. Biased moderating in my opinon I’m afraid, if I suggested he wasn’t intellectually equipped in my opinion we both know it wouldn’t be printed. Remember the title of your site here.

  8. I can’t wait for the wail of anguish from the “no” voters when the government of their choice delays, prevaricates, or just plain forgets/refuses to honour pledges made to Scotland. They have a track record of this unfortunately. You should have watched the excellent programme on BBC2 last night Bruce, presented by Andrew Neill. It showed the true reasons why Westminster is so reluctant to lose Scotland, something we, in the “yes” camp have always known..

    • Like yourself, I would also look forward to seeing the SNP failing to deliver on their grandiose promises were the Scottish people decide to vote for Independence. I suspect, however, that the loudest wails would be from the Yes voters who would find their blind faith had been misplaced. The No voters would undoubtedly be extremely angry despite being in a position to say they told you so.

      I did see the programme but did not interpret the content in accordance with the Nationalist orthodoxy. I did, however, conclude that Trident will not be going anywhere. An independent Scotland of five million dictating to both the UK and USA seems fanciful at best. Indeed, this is beginning to sound more and more like an Ally McLeod team talk circa 1978.

      Did you get anywhere with those “facts” yet Ron?

      • Dearie me Bruce. You have such little faith in your fellow countrymen. No doubt you’ll be castigating Canada and New Zealand for their audacity in moving forward to successful independence? if they can do it, so can we.

  9. Bruce – I think you spend so much time undermining everyone you fail to be positive at all in anyway.
    That is your problem in my opinion, can’t see the wood for the trees.

    UK is a shadow of itself – Scotkand can easily go it alone.
    Here’s some facts in my opinion

    We’ll use the pound
    Buissness won’t flee
    We’ll be free to do whatever we want to diversify away from oil using oil revenue interest alone (like Norway)
    We’ll still be trading with England as currency will be the same
    We will still have the same trade compliance with no transaction costs – why would we introduce that?? Scotland wants away from stealth tax – it’s socio-democratic

    You sound to me like a typical no troll to a lot of people on this board – even the no voters! Armchair critic in my opinnion

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