May 012014
Desert Rats

The ‘Desert Rats’ will provide a living history display.

The award-winning Grampian Transport Museum hosts its first Clubs Spectacular on Sunday 11th May. With thanks to Martyn Smith.

More than 24 clubs and groups will be showcasing their vehicles on the museums outdoor circuit, giving museum visitors and car enthusiasts alike the opportunity to find out more about the wide range of car clubs in the area and their activities.

The lunchtime gathering will showcase a selection of vehicles, including Alvis, Ferrari and Jaguar to every day cars, represented by clubs such as the Fiesta Owners and the Aberdeen Mini Owners.

The Mazda MX5 Owners Club, with over 20 examples present at the event, will be celebrating the clubs 20th birthday and also marking 25 years since the model made its debut at the Chicago Auto Show.

Vintage vehicles will also be in attendance, with a pair of locally owned Stanley Steamers dating from 1910 and 1918, representing the Steam Car Club of Great Britain.

Along with the vehicle displays, the ‘Desert Rats’ will be providing an informative and interesting living history display throughout the afternoon.

Museum Curator, Mike Ward, is looking forward to the launch of the new event:

“We hope the event will act as a point of focus for the vintage and classic vehicle enthusiasts in the North-East Scotland and as a season opener for classic car events in our area. It promises to be a significant gathering of the best of our areas preserved road vehicles.”

Museum visitors will be able to browse the many cars and clubs on display with admission to the event included in the standard museum admission price.