Apr 072014

With thanks to Dave Macdermid.


AFC female staff with Emma Fisher (centre front). Newsline Media Limited.

Following the very successful ‘Football Fans In Training’ initiative, Aberdeen Football Club, in partnership with the SPFL Trust, has announced that it’s running a similar programme for female supporters.
The 12-week physical activity and healthy eating course, commencing on Monday 21st April, is designed to help women become fitter and lose weight, and to maintain these changes on a long term basis.

Each week will involve a level of physical training at Pittodrie. A classroom session will advise fans on how to eat more healthily, and introduce easy steps that can be taken to become fitter.

The sessions will be delivered by AFC’s Claire Garrett and Emma Fisher. Claire commented:

“We are really pleased to offer our loyal female supporters the opportunity to participate in this enjoyable programme which, to date, has only been available to males. However, it has been recognised that there is both a requirement and a demand for our female fans to be included in the initiative.”

Emma added:

“The sessions will be taken by female members of staff for female participants and will create a comfortable environment for people to discuss any issues relating to weight loss or body confidence. We would also encourage fans to bring a friend along and give FFIT Women at AFC a go!”

For further information or to register for the programme, contact scott.duncan@afc.co.uk. Participants must be aged 35 and 65 and be at least a dress size 16.