Mar 202014

By Bob Smith.Stand Free

Fae Inverness an Aiberdeen
Doon ti east o Glesga Green
Fitba fans in reid or blue
An fegs they war a motley crew
Scarves an flags aa ower the place
Some fowk they wore a sheepie’s face
Dons fans aa decked in new attire
Statin aat “The Sheep Are on Fire”
The atmosphere it wis rich braw
Celtic or Rangers nae missed ava
Fans aa oot ti enjoy the game
Yet only ae team wid fin fame
Baith teams strode on green sward
90 meenits awa fae their reward
Fa wid win ess ‘eer’s League Cup
An fae its innards git ti sup?
The fans war still at fever pitch
Fin Dons they suffered a major glitch
Wee Jonny Hayes lost ti the fray
Nae mair wid Jonny git ti play
Only ae team wis tryin ti win
Some fitba tactics they are a sin
Caley Thistle they defendit weel
Frustration Dons fans began ti feel
A huuner and twenty meenits we did get
Yet naebody cwid fin the bliddy net
A penalty shoot oot wi did hae
Nae goals war scored fae open play
Up steppit CT’s Billy McKay,
The chiel he wid hae first try
Bit “Clangers” wis an instant hero
An Inverness stairtit wi a zero
The Dons wint inti a twa goal lead
As Inverness hairts they did bleed
Adam Rooney hut the winnin strike
Celebrations? Ye’ve nivver seen the like
Forty thoosan fans lit oot a roar
Fit wid hae bin heard in Baltimore
The cup wis oors – oh michty me
Fae doots an fears we noo war free
Russell Anderson wi een o his hans
Held up the cup tae delirious fans
Growne mannies an wifie’s hid a greet
An geets war liftit aff their feet
The sheep are on fire, the sheep are on fire
A Scottish Cup win wis noo the desire
Ti win at Parkheid an syne at Ibrox
Wid hae Weegies teerin oot their locks.

©Bob Smith “The Poetry Mannie” 2014.

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