Mar 282014

Neil Stirton, sales manager at Deeside BreweryA popular north-east brewery has launched two of its beers in Sainsbury’s stores to meet increasing customer demand for its Scottish craft beers. With thanks to Rebecca Buchan.

Deeside Brewery, based in Banchory, will offer its Macbeth (Scottish pale ale) and LAF (California steam beer) from this month at twelve Sainsbury’s stores across North Scotland.

After a rebrand in 2012 and a move to larger purpose built facilities at the beginning of 2013; the business now employs three people and has experienced a period of rapid growth with production levels recently doubling from 1440HL per year to 2880HL per year (514,300 pints).

Earlier this month, the brewery’s newest product, Deeside craft lager was acknowledged as runner up in the Best New Retail Product category at the Grampian Food Forum Innovation Awards.

This recent success follows an ongoing relationship with Aldi which saw the brewery supply a number of its products to the chain as part of Aldi’s summer and winter beer festivals. Each festival took place in 49 stores and saw over 150,000 bottles of ale sold from a number of Scottish breweries.

Mike Bain, managing director of Deeside Brewery, said:

“Getting balance right between availability and exclusivity of our products is important. Our beers are currently available in various delis, specialist drinks shops and a number of high end venues across Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire and this relationship with Sainsbury’s is a real opportunity for us to engage with a number of craft beer drinkers out with the local area.

“Entering into this agreement with a national supermarket is a real testament to the team at the brewery who work hard to produce new and exclusive products for the craft beer market and will ultimately aid future business growth. We are confident we will be looking at further expansion through exclusive relationships with distributors as the quality of our products is appreciated and reflected by consumer demand.”

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