Dec 232013

Fallen Tree 2 - Credit Ian BrittonBy Bob Smith.

Am lookin oot the winda
The win it fair dis blaw
Am gled it’s jist rainin
It’s cauld aneuch fer snaw

Win throwe trees is souchin
They’re duncin tae its tune
It widna be aat surprisin
If a fyow war blawn doon

I widna like for fowk ti be
On Ben Macdui’s tap richt noo
They cwid easily be blawn awa
An feenish up in the Lairig Ghru

Bit we shudna stairt complainin
Aboot the vagaries o oor wither
A widna chynge it fer onything
Hurricanes or tornadoes dinna bithe

So blaw awa ye blusterie wins
As throwe the leaves ye fussle
Ower yer strength we’ve nae control
Showin us humans ye’ve mair muscle

©Bob Smith “The Poetry Mannie”
Image Credit: Ian Britton.

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  2 Responses to “Fin The Win Blaws”

  1. very apt for today’s conditions Mr Smith, and indeed the winds are stronger than the desire to successfully establish mature trees in quantity on Tullos Hill, and even mightier than Donald Trump’s desire to build a golf course right on the North Sea. Can’t wait to visit the course again soon. A very happy holiday to you and yours, Suzanne

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