May 312013

By Bob Smith.

A makkin o tatties
Fresh fae the dreel
Wi a dollop o butter
It fair tastes richt weel

Duke o York or Kerr’s Pink
An wi earth they are barkit
They aa miles aheid
Than fae ony supermairket

Majestic or Golden Wonder
Micht gyang throwe the bree
Bit onything is far better
Than Maris Piper tae me

Fin they’re bein plunted
An in earth they are stuck
Myn the best fertiliser’s
A gweed pile o muck

So praise the humble tattie
It’s gweed an it’s cheap
An nourishes yer body
Like an affa fine neep

Jist myn fin yer buyin
Taste it dis maitter
Auld varieties are best
Nae eens fit cam later

Bob Smith “The Poetry Mannie” 2013

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  3 Responses to “Ode Tae The Tattie”

  1. I love nice tatties, I could eat stovies or chip suppers every day. One of the things I like best about Scotland is the food. I’m mad on skirlie too, but when ever I try to make it, it never tastes as fine as when somebody else has made it.

    • Sean,
      A’m a great lover o skirlie as weel.Bit aabody maks it ower dry nooadays. The only placie fit made affa gweed skirlie wis the Metro Hotel[noo the Rox} in Mairket Street.

  2. You can keep your rice and your pasta, supermarket bread and new age grains – give me tatties any time. I get Golden Wonders from Newbiggin Farm near Inverurie – they are golden wonderful!!

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