Feb 022013

Aberdeen City Councillor and member of Aberdeen Town and County History Society, Neil Cooney will be delivering a lecture on Aberdeen and the Spanish Civil War on Feb 5 at New Kings, Room 10, 7.30 – 8.30pm.

The lecture will explore the following areas:

  • Fighting Fascism in Aberdeen
  • The Call of Spain
  • The struggle to get to Spain
  • Conditions in the International Brigades
  • The war itself
  • The retreat
  • Some conclusions

All are welcome to this series of public lectures organised by King’s Museum. This event is free.

King’s Museum
University of Aberdeen
17 High Street
Old Aberdeen AB24 3EE

T: 01224 274330
E: kingsmuseum@abdn.ac.uk
W: www.abdn.ac.uk/kingsmuseum

NOTE.  For those interested but  unable to attend, Neil Cooney has granted permission for Aberdeen Voice to publish the written version of the lecture. This will be published in full on Thurs 7th Feb.

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  4 Responses to “Aberdeen And The Spanish Civil War Lecture: 5th Feb”

  1. Terrific and worthwhile but fit time does it start and how long is it predicted to last?

    • 7.30 tae 8.30pm … like it says in the article ( cue eyes to the sky while innocently whistling smiley ).

  2. where can I find the publication??

    • Hello Sarah – the lecture will be on Aberdeen Voice after it is given by Neil Cooney. The link at the bottom of the article provides further information. Hope this helps

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