Oct 182012

With thanks to Kenneth Watt. 

A Member of the Scottish Youth Parliament says that Tuesday’s supreme court ruling gives the green light for next generation’s economic success.
Barry Black MSYP, the chair of the Aberdeen City Youth Council, said that future generations of Aberdonians have a better economic future guaranteed with the approval of the AWPR bypass route.

Barry said:

“It has been a long wait but I can speak for the majority of young people who are keen to see the region’s transport improved and make clear that we are glad of the decision made by the courts.

“It is key for the success of future generations that we have a viable and sound road infrastructure network in place.  Renewable energies will make up a significant sector in Aberdeen’s future employment market and good transport links are vital for this to succeed.

“For young people in the region – and their children and grandchildren – the AWPR will be a blessing and provide a 21st century roads system for the North East that is so necessary.”

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  One Response to “Bypass Decision A Path For Success”

  1. Granted the long awaited AWPR will help traffic by-pass Aberdeen City Centre. Will it make much difference to city centre bound commuters? Not a lot methinks. We have new build housing on the cards for Cove/Charleston, Elsick and Muggiemoss. No mention of new railway stations on the nearby rail line at each location though. Now what about the long awaited (and much studied and talked about) Abedeen Crossrail which seems to be moving forward at a snail’s pace. One new station in a decade, and another on the drawing board. We could, apparently, find £140m/£240m/£340m for Teletubbieland, but there appears to be a significant difficulty of finding a lesser amount that would revolutionise commutes. Perverse.

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