Jul 122012

By Bob Smith.

Are ye an optimist or pessimist?
Foo dis yer brain aye think?
Hiv ye a maist positive naitur?
Or is negativity yer faavrit drink? 

Is yer warld noo a waefu place?
Is Armageddon jist ower the hill?
Or is there sunshine in yer life?
An iverry day it fits the bill? 

Div ye worry aboot the future?
Or tak ilka day as it cums?
Are dark cloods aye githerin?
His yer face a dose o “the glums”? 

Is yer gless aye haaf teem?
Or is yer gless haaf fu?
Hiv ye a happy ootlook?
Or are ye doon in the moo? 

Tak a wee bittie time fowks
Jist  ti see fit wye ye lean
Is laachter aye yer brither?
Or is gloomy foo yer seen? 

Turn yer face ti the sun
An shadows ahint ye faa
So says a Maori proverb
A thocht maist affa braw 

So brichten up yer daily life
Think naething is a chore
Pit pessimism in the bin
Lit positivity oot ye roar

©Bob Smith “The Poetry Mannie” 2012
Image Credit: © Steve Alvarez | Dreamstime.com