Apr 152011

By Bob Smith.

Destroy  his vision at yer peril
Ye bunch o ignorant plebs
He’s  mair money than the lot o ye
An aat includes ony media celebs

He thinks ye’ve gin aff yer heid
If ye turn doon his generous offers
We’ll nae survive withoot him
There’s nae  money in city coffers

Neen o yer speil  he wints ti hear
Aboot the green lungs o the city
Iss is  aboot pittin lots o dosh
In   his Acsef cronies kitty

A  fine specimen o a  roof gairden
Fae  some architect wull be seen
The toon centre  transformed says he
Fair sparkling  in front o yer een

Faa‘s mou dis aa iss crap cum fae?
O aye yon millionaire mannie Widdie
Some think  the billie a richt gweed chiel
Ti the rest  he’s  a  bliddy diddie

©Bob Smith “The Poetry Mannie” 2011