Feb 112011

With thanks to Kylie Roux.

In collaboration with New Moves International, Peacock Visual Arts and Citymoves Dance Agency present ‘This Is Performance Art’ (TIPA), a four-day festival featuring some of the most exciting and influential performance artists in the world.

Black Market International, in residence as part of TIPA Europe 2011, kick-start everything here in Aberdeen. The collective, featuring Alastair MacLennan, Boris Nieslony, Elvira Santamaria Torres, Jacques Van Poppel, Jürgen Fritz, Lee Wen, Miriam Laplante, Norbert Klassen and Roi Varra, will be travelling to the city for the very first time for the four-day programme.

The festival includes performances, installations and a workshop, as well as an opportunity to meet the artists on their arrival into Aberdeen at a discussion chaired by Lindsay Gordon, Director of Peacock Visual Arts

Wednesday 16 February – Saturday 19 February, Various Locations
For more information, click This Is Performance Art’ (TIPA)

Ongoing events.

ALICIA BRUCE // Menie: a portrait of a North-East coastal community in conflict
Award winning photographer Alicia Bruce spent the summer of 2010 collaborating with residents of the Menie estate, an area of outstanding natural beauty and a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) situated 20 minutes north of Aberdeen. The residents’ homes are under threat of compulsory purchase as Trump International starts construction of a golf course, hotel and housing development with plans to re-name Menie ‘The Great Dunes of Scotland’.
The exhibition showcases a stunning array of photographic and moving image works that present a humane story about people and place – an observance of conflicted territory and those who inhabit it.

Ongoing until 26 February http://www.peacockvisualarts.com/archive/297/menie-a-portrait-of-a-north-east-coastal-community-in-conflict

ANITA JEAN STEWART // Mounthooly in May
Last May Mounthooly roundabout has a change of identity. Artist Anita-Jean Stewart, along with her trusty mobile studio, took up residency on Aberdeen’s renowned traffic island bringing with her; shadow-shows, tea-parties, poetry, glitter-balls, gigs, hula-hoops and artist’s talks. Stewart successfully transformed the roundabout into a creative bubble for the month of May, the results of which can be seen at Peacock Visual Arts in January. So if you missed out last spring – there’s another chance to relive the excitement of Mounthooly in May.

Ongoing until 26 February http://www.peacockvisualarts.com/archive/298/mounthooly-in-may-anita-jean-stewart

TASTE BUDS // Jay Koh + Chu Yuan
Sweet, sour, bitter, salty, pungent…what does each taste evoke for you? Artists Jay Koh and Chu Yuan invite you to join them in this public participation art project to discover the multi-dimensions of tastes. They will be at Pad Thai café in the Aberdeen Market every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon, from 8 February – 3 March, to discuss the diversity of different tastes.This project is part of a Cultural Diversity Fellowship by Peacock Visual Arts with support from Creative Scotland.

Tuesdays & Thursdays until 3 March , 1.30pm – 4.30pm, Pad Thai Cafe, Aberdeen Market http://www.peacockvisualarts.com/archive/300/tate-buds-jay-koh

Upcoming events.

Screenprinting Weekend Workshop with Ailsa McWilliam
Explore the possibilities of this colourful, graphic and immediate approach to making repeat prints. No experience is necessary – just a few images and a bit of creativity.

Saturday 19 & Sunday 20 February, 10am – 4.30pm,  £130/95 conc.
Call 01224 639539 or email info@peacockvisualarts.co.uk to book.

Etching Weekend Workshop with Michael Waight
Learn the techniques and processes that are involved in the traditional art of etching. No experience necessary.

Saturday 19 & Sunday 20 February, 10am – 4.30pm, £130/95 conc.
Call 01224 639539 or email info@peacockvisualarts.co.uk to book.

Photo Etching Weekend Workshop with Michael Waight
Ideal for those with some etching skills. It will show you how to work with transparencies, photographic or hand drawn, and to work in more direct and playful ways with the plates you make.

Saturday 5 & Sunday 6 March, 10am – 4.30pm, £130/95 conc.
Call 01224 639539 or email info@peacockvisualarts.co.uk to book.